200hrs TTC w Mey Elbi

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Mey Elbi is not only a great yoga teacher, she is also a true friend with a big heart who will always be there for you.
She has this great gift of connecting the right people. I was lucky enough to witness it several times.
She creates this ‘safe’ environment for yogis in a flawless way. There is always a unique energy in her lectures, the nearest description I can get to would be collective positivity.
Trust me you will understand what I mean once you really get to know her.

It was a sensation that made me join her 200hrs Yoga Teachers Training in Istanbul. Doing yoga for almost 10 years now, I was after nailing the challenging poses and had some ego boost. Now I find it quite silly.
“Don’t be so hard on yourself. We are most cruel to ourselves.” she said while we were chatting somewhere outside of Istanbul. I didn’t know that night how important of a role she would play in my transformational journey. With her usual welcoming attitude, she asked me to join her introductory lecture to Vinyasa TTC.
A couple of weeks later, there I was sitting in a studio in Gumussuyu. It was a new space for me and none of the faces were familiar.

She started with a long meditation, for a moment I thought it would never end. Then a tender warm up serie. I wanted to get out that very moment. It felt like I was there since forever. I almost never did the warm ups, I found them quite boring. I was rushing inside. Mey didn’t care, she kept her softness and started her vinyasa flow. It was like a very intimate slow dance. I was feeling every single movement in my body. My awareness was in my fingertips, my breath. I could feel the breath travelling towards my hair.
I knew this was it. That day, Mey’s energy gently took me out of my comfort zone. If I could nail to be so still while moving, to have this intense awareness and a little bit of patience, my yoga practice would reach another level.

Today, having completed my 200hrs with Mey Elbi, I feel at a different place with my yoga practice. I work through my flow with patience, I give myself time. I enjoy every single movement. I enjoy stillness. I spent my whole summer meditating. Something I could barely stand. I still have passion for Hatha yoga, but joining Mey in Vinyasa taught me the power of softness. Most important of all, I learned how to be tender with myself.
If one is in a yogic path, his road should intersect at some point with Mey. You will see how empowered you will become as she secretly pulls out the real you and encourages you to reflect it in your practice.

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