Bonjuk Bay.

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Please read this only if you believe in magical places. There is this place I want tell you aboutย that ~almost changed my life.

As you drive towards beautiful Marmaris in between the pine trees, you will reach an unpaved road. That means you are on the right track. Bonjuk Bay is a hidden place and perhaps its beauty is nurtured from his untouched existence. If you don’t count the sandbar sharks, who give Bonjuk a regular visit to reproduce.

Besides the tall palm trees and the mesmerizing sunset, you will hear people talking a lot about its “energy”.

This is where magic happens.

Bonjuk is a utopia. It’s a place where love is the only rule, and you feel the warm welcome of self-love as you enter the land. Once you are inside, you become part of a beautiful community and are welcome to contribute.

The people of Bonjuk call them Bonjukians, the name boosts the feeling of belonging. They eat meals together in long tables sharing food, experiences and opening up their worlds to each other.

Music is an indispensable member of the tribe, along with Gece, Pasha & Fonfini. Don’t be surprised by the roasters who come to wake you up at unreasonables hours of the day or the “Yihuu’ sound made by the peacocks. It is one happy farm! And one day, we will also wake up to collect our fresh eggs, milk the goats and who knows perhaps prepare some cheese for ourselves. These are the inspirations that created the fairy tale atmosphere and I am quite sure they will come true.

And there is the forest. The sacred place unveiled thanks to some creative members. The forest is like a temple for most of the Bonjukians. It has a different kind of energy which invites you from time to time to go there and connect with mother nature. I have found myself many times at Bonjuk, being dragged there by some unknown factor. I ended up spending hours each day listening to nature and feeling quite enlightened by her stories.

Forest will tell you stories.

You will be glamping in Bonjuk, or just be falling asleep by the beach like I’ve done most of the time. There will be usually someone to see you and they’ll cover you. In worst case, you will wake up early in the morning while Victor waters the grass with the three musketeers playing around.ย Go for a swim that very moment, because the sea will be at its best. Then you can enjoy a nice morning yoga session grounding yourself to the grass, in between the palm trees.

Glamping in Bonjuk.

Bonjuk is a place where you can be on your own or be with a big family. You might find yourself in the kitchen helping out or walking around the beach collecting what the waves brought that day. There is a sacred union. We laugh, dance and cry out together. Bonjuk will also take away whatever doesn’t serve you in life so be ready for some radical changes.

Remember that the Bonjuk people will treat you like family, so go there only once you feel ready to open your heart.


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